SH 075

MIDI System für elektrische & akustische Gitarre


You can use our electric or steel string guitar as a MIDI controller with any MIDI synthesizer or sound with no programming or complex setup.
Also provide access to any sequencer or computer with MIDI software for composing or printing sheet music. Mounts in seconds to the strap button an requires no modification or damage to the instrument.


How it works:
The analog signal of the string are converted into electrical signals by the hex pickup. Then the analog circuitry buffers the signal and filters out the harmonics for digital pitch analysis. After filtering, the microprocessor determines the pitch played by measuring the time of one sinus vibration (half of the cycle) which is the shortest part of the note.

This allows the SH 075 to make a positive analysis in a MAXIMUM of 2.5 vibrations. Far superior to competitors products which can take up to 7 vibrations for analysis. As soon as the pitch is confirmed, the microprocessor instantly sends the information as a standard MIDI message (note and velocity) to any MIDI synthesizer, sequencer or computer.




Hier Testberichte ... Beispieltext

  • MIDI key pad to allow program changes (0-99) to be sent from the guitar,
  • MIDI volume (controller 7) and velocity range (dynamics) controls,
  • MIDI notes on/off button,
  • MIDI mode selector for POLY or MONO modes (with or without pitch bend),
  • MIDI pitch bend range switchable from 8 to 4 semitones,
  • MIDI transpose up or down 3 octaves,
  • LED indicators for MIDI on/off,
  • MIDI mode and other user functions,
  • Built in guitar tuner,
  • Individual string sensitivity trim pots,
  • Detachable hex magnetic MIDI pickup




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Shadow Künstler

Steve Morse

Steve spielt schon viele Jahre Shadow’s Midi- Equipment SH 075, da kein anderes Midi-System auf einem derart hohen Niveau besser und zuverlässiger funktioniert! + Mehr Informationen